Breathable Suit Bag Non Woven 54" #GB2300-54-2 Black 2 Handles Quantity 50 pc case

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Garment Bag. Fabric: Non Woven Waterproof. Size: 54 x 24 inches. Reinforced hanger opening. Oval window. Centre Zipper. Colour: Black. Handles: 2. Case: 50 bags.

The Breathable Fabric Keeps Suits Looking Their Best

When it comes to clothes, they have to stay clean and crease free to look presentable. That’s where our breathable non woven bags come in. They keep all kinds of clothes neat and free from wrinkles, so the wearer can be assured they will look immaculate, even after long journeys. Whether the item needs to be transported for a work trip or special event, or even if a fur coat needs to be kept in storage for some time, these customizable non woven bags will do the trick.

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