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Garment Dance Bags Vinyl #GBD3924-CL-6-Col: Clear - Quantity 6 pc

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Back In Stock Sept 10 Crystal clear dance bags are strong and durable with 3 zippered compartments at the back of the bag and a full length centre zipper along the front of the bag. There is a slot at the front of the bag to put your name into, keeping you organized and separate from other dancers in the change rooms. Keep you dance shoes, tights and accessories separated from your costumes with all the compartments this bag has. These bags are made for dance competition, rehearsal and storage. Size: 39 inches x 24 inches wide. The colour is clear. They have a reinforced hanger hole. They are sold 6 bags in a package.  Now we make it possible for you to buy smaller quantities of 6 bags for personal use!

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