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Garment Bags

Garment bags are a perfect way to keep all your clothes looking fresh and clean no matter where you are. BagOutlet of Canada has garment bags in a variety of different styles, colours and sizes, and in fabric that keeps clothes looking and smelling like they're brand-new.

Why Choose Garment Bags From BagOutlet?

Our garment bags come in several styles to meet the needs of all our customers. We have suit bags, dress bags and outerwear bags in a wide array of colours to fit with each customer’s personal style and preferences. Whether you need to keep a pressed suit in good condition while you’re travelling or keep your gowns in storage, we have a selection of bags for you.

All of our garment bags are made from non-woven fabric or vinyl. Non-woven fabric keeps clothing looking and smelling great because the fabric is breathable and waterproof. It also helps protect your clothes from getting wrinkles. 

BagOutlet can also personalize your garment bags with your company logo or any other message. We can customize garment bags for any need. We normally sell our garment bags at 50 pieces per case, but we can customize order size and offer volume pricing. We want you to have garment bags that will fit your individual or company needs all over Canada.

Start Shopping Now

Garment bags don’t have to be boring. They should be well-made, in the colours and styles you want and with fabric that keeps clothing looking its best. At BagOutlet we pride ourselves in offering products that meet all of these requirements.

If you’re ready to order bags for yourself, your business or for retail in Canada, browse our website or call 905-420-7659 for any questions you may have. We look forward to assisting you with all your garment bag needs.

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