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Why Use Garment Bags for Your Online Customers' Orders?


Purchasing a dress should feel special no matter where the person is buying their formal attire. Even when shopping online, the arrival of a dress in the mail is a great moment and can give a customer a great impression of your business, even more so than viewing the dress online.

As your business expands beyond what you offer in-store customers to reach the online market, packaging and shipping the dresses in garment bags can make a huge difference in the way customers receive their orders. You'll enjoy multiple advantages if you use garment bags for online shipping orders, and understanding the different benefits can help your sales in the long run.

Shipping Protection

When shipping clothing items online, you want to ensure the items are protected and safe while the clothing is out of your hands. A box can only add so much protection, so giving an extra layer can go a long way.

A garment bag will protect a dress from damage due to handling and any type of possible box damage. When a garment bag is fully zipped up, the whole dress will be enclosed inside. Not only will the garment bag protect a dress from damage, but it can help keep the fresh fabric smell on the clothing.

Boxes typically have a pretty distinct cardboard smell and there are other types of scents a package can be exposed to while going through the shipping process. Truck smells, vehicle exhaust, and general smells from postage plants are just a few of the scents a package is exposed to.

A garment bag will protect the dress from these smells and help the item smell fresh and clean when opened.

Business Branding and Customer Retention

The use of garment bags is an ideal way to brand your business and allow customers to remember exactly where they ordered their beautiful dresses from. A branded garment bag can showcase a brand and remind customers to return to your business for future orders.

One way of showcasing company branding is through the garment bag color selection. As you bulk order garment bags, you can select the base color of the bag to match the branding of your business and your website design. Using specific colors will help individuals remember your business more.

A garment bag is also an ideal place to stick a decal with your business name and logo on it. When the package is opened, the customer will see your logo and the logo can remain a part of the garment bag for as long as the bag is used by a customer.

A large number of garment bags also include small window pockets. These areas are ideal for sticking business cards, coupons for future orders, or images of your company logo. Finding small areas for branding can make an impact on customers.

Online Shopping Experience

While ordering a dress online, the whole experience is completed when the dress arrives in the mail. Not only is opening the package exciting, but picking up a garment bag and unzipping to reveal the dress is a big part of the experience.

A dress wrapped in paper or plastic does not have the same special feel as a garment bag does. Adding these extra touches without flaunting them can help with reviews and returns while impressing customers.

If a dress does need to be returned, getting it shipped back in a garment bag can help with all the same protections. This allows you to add the dress back to the inventory without worrying about damage or other issues.

Check out our garment bag selection at BagOutlet.ca. We have bulk purchases to help you have all the garment bags you need for selling dresses online.

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