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Buy More, Save More: Exclusive Bulk Discounts

Maximize Your Retail Advantage

In the ever-evolving world of retail, every decision counts, from the design of your store to the bags your customers carry out. But one of the most strategic decisions a retailer can make is in selecting the right supplier. Here’s why our exclusive bulk discounts make us the partner you've been looking for.

Your Trusted Packaging Partner Since 1987

Established in 1987, we've grown steadily by serving a diverse range of businesses with their packaging needs. From retail to bakeries, from gift shops to upscale boutiques, our experience spans across multiple sectors, ensuring that we understand your unique needs.  At, we believe in rewarding our customers who choose to purchase in volume. With our "Buy More, Save More" philosophy, we ensure that you get the best value for your money.

Wide Range of Customizable Products

Whether you need shopping bags, garment bags, bakery packaging, or elegant gift packages, we've got you covered. What's more, every product in our range can be personalized with your brand's touch – yes, all of them can be printed!

Economies of Scale in Your Favor

  • Stretch Your Budget: The more you purchase, the less you spend per item. Our tiered pricing system ensures that your unit cost goes down as your order size goes up, translating to noticeable savings for your business.

  • Predictable Spending: Plan your budgets more accurately. With our bulk discounts, you can anticipate your expenditure and optimize your financial strategies.

Quality You Can Count On

  • Consistency is Key: Bulk purchasing guarantees uniformity across all products, ensuring that every shopping bag, garment bag, food packaging, hanger, or mannequin meets our meticulous quality standards.

  • Bulk Doesn’t Mean Compromise: Even with our discounts, we maintain the highest quality. We believe in value without compromising integrity.

Simplified Logistics

One Supplier, Multiple Needs: From shopping bags to mannequins, consolidate your orders with us. Streamlining your suppliers reduces the complexities of order management, saving you time and effort.

Reduced Shipping Hassles

Larger orders often mean fewer shipments. This results in less logistical stress and often leads to further shipping savings.---

Building Partnerships for the Long-Term

We’re more than just a supplier. We’re a partner in your retail journey. By offering these bulk discounts, we aim to foster a relationship that grows with your business. Our success lies in seeing our partners flourish

Ready to Maximize Your Savings

Start exploring our extensive range of retail essentials today. Remember, with our Buy More, Save More initiative, every additional product means added savings for you.

Make the smart choice for your retail business. Dive into the world of savings, quality, and excellence with our exclusive bulk discounts. Because when you buy more, you indeed save more.

Join Our Network

We are continuously expanding, and we welcome agents and distributors to join our growing family. Partner with us and be a part of our journey in revolutionizing the packaging industry.

Getting Started is Simple

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Your satisfaction, our commitment. Let's make packaging unforgettable together.